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Life is short. Work someplace awesome.

Contentninja team

A little about us

Please take a seat

At ContentNinja, we’re the perfect blend of right and left brain – marrying creativity and out-of-box thinking with data, analytics, and rigorous project management. Best suited for people with ambitious growth plans.


We’re entrepreneurial – always driven by the return of every action.

We’re engineers – always looking for a more efficient way of doing something.

We’re hustlers – aggressive and determined.

We’re storytellers – and to us, captivating audiences is both an art and a science.

Our Culture Code

Our core values reflect our commitment to you and each other, and a passion for what we do.

Relationships beyond a contract

We go the extra mile for our people – both our team and our clients.

Our goal is to add value – to over-deliver – and be treated as experts at what we do.

We want to build relationships that grow beyond the transactional: we’re a community that supports and challenges one another.


Treat people like adults

We believe in the freedom to work where, when, and how we want to. Remarkable results are what matter.

Our leave and expense policy can be summed up in three words – use good judgment.

We trust our people to make the right decisions.


No fluff, (un)comfortable honesty

We speak the truth and face the facts – with clients and colleagues.

There are no silent disagreements.


We get s*it done

We hustle to solve the problems we find, not just complain about them.

Actions are greater than Words.

Done is better than Perfect.


Stay curious. Unlearn and Relearn.

We’re passionate about what we do and ambitious about getting better at it.

Dynamism in our skillsets, consistency in our growth.


The Artists

Shriya Garg

Such good work. Can we poach them?

Shriya Garg

Selling, salaries, and see-EO

Mayank Gulati

Why can't we find copywriters as good as I am?

Mayank Gulati

Big-brain marketing

Sanjeevani Thakur

What are we achieving in this 4.5 hour workday?

Sanjeevani Thakur

Sr. client whisperer

Vikash Yadav

Photogenic art director

Tushar Mittal
Tushar Mittal

Atriya Majumdar

I took a vacation once. Once.

Atriya Majumdar

Calmer of storms

Supratik Ray

I got over 5 hours of sleep last night, so I'm pretty fresh.

Supratik Ray

Chaos manager

Eishita Agarwal

I never get drunk

Eishita Agarwal

Ministy of happiness

Madhulika Gupta

Wait... we get lunch breaks here?

Madhulika Gupta


Shagun Tyagi

We need someone not-nice to talk to this client. Shriya?

Shagun Tyagi


Manisha Thakkar

Life is a task

Manisha Thakkar

Talent hunter

Anuj Srivastav

Can I send the invoice now?

Anuj Srivastav


Baben Khajuria
Baben Khajuria

Honest(-ish) Glassdoor reviews

“You get the creative freedom and space to do your own thing, which means every morning you actually look forward to the day instead of dreading it.”
“Advice to Management? Beer gets over pretty quickly during office parties. Please look into this.”
“Payments have always been on time, period. This is almost unheard of, in the SME agency culture.”
“First company ever where I got to say ‘I love my boss!'”
“Both founders are exceptional and lead by example.”
“Can I also work Saturdays?”