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How To Create A Great LinkedIn Page For Your Business?

If you are in any way involved the business sector, having a LinkedIn company page is a must have for you. With over 467 million members across the globe, LinkedIn is one of the hottest social networking sites for business professionals. Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of your own startup, you must make your presence be felt on LinkedIn simply because it is the BEST platform to both build and promote your brand. Wondering how popular LinkedIn is – it is available in over 200 countries and in more than 24 languages! The primary focus of LinkedIn is to help professionals in the business domain to connect with each other and expand their network.

A company page is a detailed map of what your business is essentially about. It allows people on the Web understand your business, your core specialties and also helps users to seek for jobs in your company. Now that we’ve established the importance of creating a LinkedIn business page, the question that pops up next is,

How to create a company page on LinkedIn?

Creating a LinkedIn business page is not rocket science. In fact, it is quite easy. First, you need to create a LinkedIn account for business. Now, go to the top right corner of your LinkedIn home page – you’ll see the option “Create A Company Page” there. Just click on the yellow button to begin.

Make Your Profile Stand Out

After providing your business details such as location, business email address and so on, now, it’s time to get started in creating your official LinkedIn business page!


Go Visual

Bring your company page to life by incorporating your company logo on your cover page. Adding your company logo helps users and your employees to locate the company page on the site as well as check on employee profiles. According to LinkedIn, companies that have logo images garner six times more traffic than those that don’t. You could also add a suitable cover image to spice up the look of the page further.

Be SEO Friendly

When creating a LinkedIn business page, you have to make sure that it is SEO friendly. So, try and build a solid company description that is enriched with appropriate keywords. The character limit for LinkedIn is 2,000 which is enough to create an impressive company description. LinkedIn allows users and members to search for companies and business professionals through relevant keywords, thus, you should include both short and long-tailed keywords and phrases in your business description.

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Build A Showcase Page

Showcase Pages are essentially free extensions of your LinkedIn company page and they a specially crafted for highlighting a brand or business. Using the showcase page feature, you could create separate pages to showcase the varying aspects of your business or you could also customize pages to target particular audience segments. You can have as many as ten different showcase pages on LinkedIn, for that is the limit.


Cater To The Global Audience

In case your company has a presence in many nations across the globe, you could customize your LinkedIn company page and showcase pages in over 20 different languages to cater to your global audience. LinkedIn also allows you to use language and geography filters to create updates targeted for a specific audience segment.

Interact With Your Audience

Just creating a company page on LinkedIn isn’t enough. You must also build a community and interact with your audience.

Share Engaging Content

You should make it a point to keep your LinkedIn business page very active. You could share updates about your business, industry related news, and informative articles on topics such as thought-leadership, and much more.

When you post content created by your company, an important thing to remember is that you have got to think like a great journalist. You have to create content with concise but witty introductions, an engaging discussion as the body, and a meaningful conclusion with a strong CTA. You could even ask your followers to share their views on the trending topics of the business world. Sharing and posting such updates on a daily basis is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

Play With Visuals

Again, we could not stress this point enough that you’ve got to be creative with your content. You need to give the audience something that captures their sight as well. Rich images, GIFs, and videos could add an enhanced level of credibility to your content. LinkedIn maintains that good images drive in nearly 98% higher comment rate whereas YouTube videos that can play directly on the LinkedIn feed can help achieve a 75% higher share rate.

Keep Your Tone Friendly

While it’s great to promote your brand with your content and messages, you should also remember that nobody likes to always follow promotional content day-in and day-out. So, try to keep your content friendly and even open-ended maybe. Get your audience to interact with you instead of solely putting up your views. Show them you’re here FOR them and to HELP them.

First Analyze, Then Enhance

Once you’ve successfully built an active online community of followers on LinkedIn, it’s time to track how well your content and messages are being received by your followers.


Track And Monitor Your Progress

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it not only allows you to promote your business and brand but it also allows you to measure and track your progress. Your company page on LinkedIn contains analytics that helps you see and track the progress of your activity on LinkedIn, the size of your follower community, the expansion stats of your target audience, and so on. You can track the monthly engagement metrics for your posts, updates, and content collectively on the analytics page.

Once you can see the real results for such changes, you can streamline and optimize your target messages and content even further to attract a particular audience community. Eventually, you’ll see that your engagement rate and followers are showing an upward trend.

Sponsor Your Content

LinkedIn allows you to promote your business page with its Sponsored Content feature. With the sponsored content feature, you can set a specific budget for your ads and promotional content and choose between two pricing options – cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM). This premier advertising feature allows you to explore various comprehensive targeting choices while simultaneously allowing you to track lead conversions from your ads.


As you can see, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for businesses. By leveraging it in the right way, you can take your business promotion to the next level and make sure you’re the talk of the town. So, are you ready to get the LinkedIn advantage?

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