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How to write excellent content that is optimized for SEO

The art of writing, when we talk about the digital world, goes a little beyond just finding and typing words like a writer’s bible from Hemingway would suggest.

A better definition could be:

‘The science behind writing good digital content, more than anything else, is about finding not just words, but the right words.’

If nobody ever finds your page listed in their search, even the best of your articles are worthless. To simplify this further, let’s start with deciphering the conundrum that is SEO.


SEO-friendly content: every marketer’s Nirvana

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, the practice of increasing the quantity, as well as the quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. With a certain set of rules and instructions, website owners can optimize their websites or pages for search engines and hence, enhance the ranking. The process of SEO optimization can be broken down to two categories.

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On-site SEO – Apply the set of rules to your website and make it search engine friendly

Off-site SEO – Promote your website/blog to make it rank better in search results


Understanding SEO visually

Why is it important?

Since the Internet is an ever-evolving dimension, SEO now holds more importance than ever. For any website, blog, or even an online store, SEO is what makes the business grow and help you meet your objectives at an increasing rate. Here’s why it is essential:

  • Majority of users are more likely to click one of the top five suggestions in their search results. To gain visitors, you got to leverage SEO and be in the top results.
  • SEO also helps a website improve user experience, eventually boosting the usability or readability of the page.
  • SEO puts you ahead of the competition even on social media. People who see you in the top results are likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.
  • If two websites are selling the same product, the one with better SEO optimization is more likely to earn more customers and business.

How can I really make a page top the google charts through my content?

What is to be noted is that SEO is not a static process, but a framework with a certain set of rules, instructions and guidelines. Google claims that ‘content’ is one of the three chief factors behind the traffic a page garners. So, what is it that makes google flag it as ‘good’?

What do they mean by search engine optimized content anyway?

The trick is simple, if you want to build your audience, you are going to have to write smarter content.


Writing good copy is an art and a science

According to the rule book, writing SEO content is not a hard nut to crack as long as you abide by this check-list:

  1. Write useful content that uses the common words and phrases used by the people who search for your products and services.
  2. Make it easy for people to share it and promote it.
  3. Keep doing it to improve and maintain it.

The Bible

First, let’s understand Copywriting. [bctt tweet=”As Bruce Bendinger puts it, Copywriting is salesmanship.” username=”@_Contentninja”]

It is the skill of writing content which compels a user, or a viewer, to take an action which in return benefits you. The action could be anything from purchasing to subscribing. The copywriter, hence, is the one who persuades the user to reach a decision and take a call. So what is it that will make your user take an action? Useful and valuable content which helps you target a certain set of audience who will be looking for your products and services.

Know your audience – Knowing for whom you are writing your content is the most basic rule, however, the most neglected one too. If you want to sell it, you can’t do away with a bit of homework. It will neither sell, nor rank, if it doesn’t appeal to your particular target group.

Irresistible Headlines – What is it that 100% people read and more than 80% disregard? Your Headline! To make your website/blog sell like hot cakes, a well thought headline is the what will get you the right first impression. On another note, you could also play the ‘number’ card. Don’t we all just always fall for lists? They give your headline specificity and bait the user into clicking it right away. Here’s an example:

The secret recipe behind excellent SEO copywriting


13 killer tricks to get your SEO copy rocking, rolling, and ranking.

Well, now you know!

Content  – Now that you have lured the viewer into clicking it, the next step is to keep him interested till the end. Make the blog skimmable by using sub headers, short paragraphs and a fine introduction. You can also build an attractive case with the use of bolds and italics. It will make your page look interesting, and will not let the reader get bored of it. Last but not the least, write in an active voice. Passive voice makes your copy verbose and dilutes the message. Keep it sharp, crisp, full of energy. Monotony is a sin, make sure to stay away from it. The last thing you want for your blog is to be a tedious read. Team up these tricks with a call to action and make the user aware of his purpose of reading a particular thing.

Meta description  – Good SEO copywriting is almost pointless without dynamic and magnetic meta heads. It helps guide search engines in understanding what you are writing about. It also helps search engines interpret the use of specific keywords in your article. You could either start with a question or state the obvious, either way, keep it under 150 characters. This is the primary deciding factor behind whether you will get clicks or not.

Keyword frequency – Now keyword stuffing or excessive keyword insertion is a strict no no here. You just can’t go on rambling and inserting the keywords as and where you feel like. However, there is nothing indicating that search-engines prefer a particular density. But who wants to read keyword-stuffed argle-bargle anyway?

Page links – Putting other useful links give your copy more credibility and usefulness. It also tell search engines that you are connected and that you have more beneficial stuff that your readers can see outside of your page. Since the mission of a search engine is to connect all the information available and make it accessible, inserting links might get you rewarded.

Here’s a quick summary for another look:


SEO Content Checklist

Now the least we can say is that there is always more information available out there and it is difficult to put an end to the debate on the science behind SEO copywriting. Meanwhile, get rolling with these basics until we update you with more!

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