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5 Effective Retargeting Strategies You Should Copy in 2020

Watching your visitors leave your platform without taking any actionable step is truly disappointing.

As a matter of fact, just three seconds is what you get to make sure your visitors stay. After all, that’s all that is needed to the gist of what your website has to offer to them. Another important thing is that most visitors who visit a website don’t come equipped with the purchasing mentality.

But then, do you just sit back and watch them leave?

Absolutely not! You make a second chance for your brand and try to make a second impression.


By retargeting your potential audience.

As the name suggests, retargeting is the technique of re-introducing your potential customers (who already bounced from your site once) to your site by advertising in various social media platforms. By displaying relevant and highly curated ads for your brand on social media platforms to the specific target audience, you are pulling the right strings you need to convert the bounced customers into customers and make a purchase from your site.

Wondering why you should opt for retargeting ads?

Simply because retargeting ads hold nearly 76% chance of being clicked on as compared to conventional display ads. Also, retargeting ads will cost you much less than most conventional advertising options.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to the point, shall we?

What are the effective retargeting strategies that you should go for in 2020?

Retarget specific URL visits

You could do retargeting by simply setting up your Facebook Business Manager or Google AdWords to run a retargeting campaign for the website visits in the last 90 days, or you could do it the smart way — by retargeting specific URL visits.

Using the former method, you’ll be retargeting each and every visitor who visited your site in the last 90 days. As a result, you’ll be casting a net that’s way too wide. Doing this, you’ll not only be diluting the efficacy of your marketing message but you will also not see any noticeable difference in your conversion rates.

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How do you avoid this then?

Simply by tracking the specific actions users are taking on your site and targeting those specific actions.

So, for instance, if a user checks out your website showing particular interest in website and conversion optimization, you could use that as a target point for this user and send out relevant retargeting ads, like this one by LeadPages:


Do you see how target-specific this ad is?

Combat sales objections through innovative copies!

Image adverts are a staple when it comes to familiarizing people with brands. Since marketers are aware of the fact that the users on social media platforms as well as other display networks are highly unlikely to click through the landing pages of their websites, they create image ads highlighting the brand tagline and assets, hoping to create a lasting impression on the viewer.

Unfortunately, this no longer works for modern-day customers. They already know what your brand is all about, and they still didn’t convert into a customer. How could a generic image advert change that?

You need to give your potential audience something more than that. You need to offer them an attractive incentive that will make them come back to you as a customer. HubSpot did this extremely well.


Instead of going for run-of-the-mill image ads, they used clever imagery (notice the timer on the phone) and copy to hit the sweet spot of SMB owners. Since HubSpot is aware that the primary concern of SMB marketers is the time-investment required to set up their CRM tool, they addressed this pain point directly with a solution — a guide to the CRM tool that takes only 25 seconds to set up.

Go for Lead Ads

Say hello to Facebook’s latest form of lead generation — Lead Ads.

Basically, Facebook Lead Ads are form-oriented ads that offer lead magnets in exchange for valuable customer information like an email address. While this sounds similar to the traditional lead-gen ads, Facebook Lead Ads have the upper hand since they are the most natural-looking and attractive adverts one can create.

It’s extremely easy to set it up:


To get optimal use out of Lead Ads, run them using Facebook page engagement as a retargeting setting. Why?

Well, because you already know that these group of users are active on Facebook and hence, your retargeting efforts will be successful. Also, these active users on Facebook are always on the lookout for new brands on social media. So, win-win!

Take a look at this lead-gen ad:


When you click on such ads, you’ll be transported to a lead-gen directly from within Facebook itself. So, you can get potential users to convert while never forcing them to leave the Facebook platform.

This is one of the main reasons why lead ads are a hit.

Shower em’ with coupons and discount codes!

If there’s something every customer and even potential customer loves, it is offers and discount codes!

With so many online competitors trying to hog up your potential customers, discounts and coupon codes are the way to go.

When a prospective customer visits your site, he/she may hit the like/love button on many of your products, but eventually, leave your site for shopping around. Why would you let them do that?

Just use retargeting ads highlighting a special discount or a coupon code, and you will see the magic work! Trust us.


Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of such an offer?

Retargeting existing users

You probably must be wondering, why retarget existing customers? Aren’t they already a part of my family?

Yes, they are. But have they all been active of late?

Now, that you think of it, you know that there are many unresponsive email subscribers who haven’t made any purchase whatsoever in the recent past. This is a part of the normal churn cycle wherein new users are added to your subscriber list and old users become unresponsive.

What to do about these unresponsive subscribers?

Knock them, wake them up. Let them know you’re still here.

Here, look at this clever retargeting ad:


The line “We miss you like crazy” is enough to make you go back to the brand’s website and check out what have you been missing for so long.

By sending out such ads, you can successfully bring back old customers to your site again. If they purchase, well great. If they don’t, they’re already a customer, so you’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

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You can easily do this using both Facebook’s Business Manager and Google AdWords.

Now, you know what you have to do about your potential customers. Use retargeting ads effectively to make your target audience come swooning back to you. Just remember to streamline your retargeting efforts according to your buyer personas, and you’re good to go!

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