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Mom’s the Word: Greatest Mother’s Day Ad Campaigns so far

Ah, Mother’s day! That one day of the year where we finally remember to thank the woman who didn’t buckle and throw us out, when far stronger people would have…

As the count-down to Mother’s day is on, we bring to you the best Mother’s Day campaigns that tugged on our heartstrings (and made us feel slightly guilty about being such irritatingly difficult children).

Without further ado, here are some of the best campaigns that we’ve come across!

Nissan — The Spirit of Motherhood

We live in a society where mothers and women, in general, are reduced to stereotypes. In 2017, Nissan came up with a brilliant plan to challenge those stereotypes by celebrating #SpiritOfMotherhood. By shedding light on the role of a single father, Nissan showcased how the “role of a mother” has little to do with gender, and more to do with feeling.

The Body Shop — Treat your mother like the Queen she is

This ad took a fun spin on the entire concept of Mother’s Day. It presents how irrespective of your stature, or your position in life, you always wish to present your mother with the most heartfelt gifts. The ad displayed this theme using the royal family lookalikes celebrating Mother’s Day with the Queen.

Dove — Not perfect, just real

Popular for promoting inclusivity, Dove released a Mother’s Day campaign on a similar theme. #RealMoms celebrated the diversity of moms everywhere in the world, by indirectly challenging the mold and brand that a mother is often associated with. “There Are No Perfect Moms, Only Real Ones”, hits all sentiments on the nail.

Animal Planet — The Unsung Heroes

This ad had all the elements- dogs, awesome mothers, and feels to the max! Animal Planet’s Mother’s Day campaign celebrated the unsung heroes that pet mothers are. It is a beautiful ode to all individuals whose maternal side was tapped into through fur babies.

Titan Raga — Moms by Choice

Motherhood is often affiliated with the endless sacrifices that mothers make for their children. It is as if those sacrifices are the primary essence of being a mother. Titan Raga chose to acknowledge, but look beyond those sacrifices and celebrate mothers who did not give up on their dreams and ambitions. With the utmost grace, Titan celebrated #MomsByChoice.

Nivea — ‘Mother’ is not a person, but an emotion

A mother is someone who knows to love like one, she doesn’t have to be one who gave you birth. In fact, she doesn’t even have to be a she. The essential quality is to be #JustLikeMaa.

Bajaj — Subtle reflections of our mothers

We tend to see glimpses of our mothers in the various relationships that we are a part of. There is often a “mom” in your friends’ group because you see a reflection of the kind of attitude your mother has. Bajaj pays a sweet tribute to all moms and their seamless love through this brilliantly executed ad campaign.#OkMeriMaa

Godrej — Busting the mother-in-law myth

In the norm of having an evil ‘saans’ or mother-in-law, Godrej’s ad campaign was like a breath of fresh air. It celebrates the otherwise scrutinized relationship that in-laws share, and showcases a delightful bond that is shared between the two parties. #ForAllMoms

These exceptionally executed campaigns have challenged the way motherhood has been portrayed for centuries. They celebrate and witness the evolution of the term ‘mother’, complete with the brimming tears.

As these companies get more and more creative each year (check out our pick of the Best April’s Day pranks for a taste!), we can’t wait to see what the coming years have in store for us! Remember kids, it’s on 12th May — don’t forget to give her tons of love!

Go call your mother, now. Chop chop!

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