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HubSpot Onboarding With a Partner Agency: What to Expect

HubSpot onboarding with a partner agency is usually cheaper and faster than what you’d get working directly with HubSpot.

But more importantly, onboarding with a partner is also less intensive for you—the agency does all the heavy lifting to set up the CRM exactly how you need it.

So, what exactly does this “heavy lifting” include? What should you expect an agency to accomplish during your HubSpot onboarding?

Apart from training your teams to get the most out of HubSpot, here’s what our team typically does during onboarding.

First things first

Before we get to the fancy workflows and advanced configurations, we take care of the basic CRM setup. This includes:

  • Connecting your domain and sub-domains to HubSpot
  • Installing the HubSpot tracking code on your site
  • Creating custom properties
  • Importing contacts, companies, deals, and tickets data
  • Adding team members as users
  • Connecting email and social accounts to HubSpot
  • Setting up third-party integrations

Now, we’re all set to move on to hub-specific configurations.

HubSpot marketing hub onboarding

Here’s what marketing hub onboarding with a partner should include.

Data segmentation

When your data has been segmented correctly and effectively, your team can run targeted campaigns, gain deep customer insights, and optimize lead journeys much faster and more efficiently.

Based on your goals, our team segments your records into active and static lists. These lists will be vital in automating your marketing processes.

Lead journey [Advanced onboarding]

Don’t have a clear picture of your lead journey? We can help.

Our experts work with you to define your lead journey, carefully mapping on-ground processes with custom lifecycle stages, lead status, and deal stages on HubSpot.

We then add automation at different stages of the lead journey. We also document the lead flow so your marketing team can operate by the book.

Lead scoring

Our team helps you set up lead scoring on HubSpot so your revenue teams can prioritize and close high-intent leads more efficiently.

We help you define a lead scoring model that’s best suited to your goals. We then work with you to define positive and negative attributes for your leads, and set up custom score properties.

Lead nurturing and routing

We also help you build and implement lead nurturing and routing workflows, creating optimal paths based on your criteria.

If existing workflows need fixing, we help you review and optimise.


A chatbot widget on your website is a fantastic way to capture and qualify leads and give visitors a better experience.

With HubSpot, you can build your chatbot, define its actions and appearance, add rules for the pages it should appear on, add triggers, define custom error options, etc. 

Our team helps you build custom chatbots from scratch, customizing the chatflow based on your goals.

Marketing workflows

Marketing tasks like lead assignment, updating lifecycle stages, qualifying leads, setting up lead score properties, lead nurturing, etc. can be easily automated with workflows. 

Our team builds you streamlined marketing workflows that improve lead management and boost your team’s productivity.


Running paid campaigns? We can help you bring all your campaigns on HubSpot by linking your Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ad accounts to the hub.

As part of our advanced onboarding program, we also help you analyze your ads and optimize campaigns for better results.


On HubSpot, you can easily track and measure your marketing efforts with the campaigns feature. Campaigns also help your teams work in perfect sync and collaborate more effectively. 

We help you set up campaigns on HubSpot by: 

  • Configuring campaign details
  • Adding goals
  • Adding content and assets
  • Creating tracking URLs
  • Setting up campaign analytics

Custom reports

HubSpot’s custom report builder is awesome, but creating valuable intelligence reports can be a tad overwhelming if you’re just starting out. That’s where we come in.

Our experts help you create and configure custom reports from scratch. We work with you to decide the primary data source to be included, the fields and filters that need to be added, and how your data will be visualized through graphs and charts.

Need help setting up your marketing hub? Talk to us!

HubSpot sales hub onboarding

Here’s what you can expect from your sales hub onboarding process.

Process overview

Our team dives into your existing sales processes to identify automation and optimization areas. This helps us:

  • Customize deal stages to fit your pipeline
  • Create workflows for lead routing and other processes
  • Build your team a central hub for task management
  • Integrate the right tools with your Sales hub account

Sales automation

Automating your sales processes will be a big part of your HubSpot onboarding. This typically includes:

  • Creating email sequences and task reminders
  • Enabling personalization tokens
  • Workflows for deal status and tasks
  • Workflows for lead assignment and record creation

Sales enablement

The HubSpot Marketplace has a vast number of apps that you can integrate with your Sales hub, including sales enablement apps.

We help you identify the right sales enablement apps that make processes smoother (and your reps’ lives easier).

Deal pipelines

Designing a deals pipeline and customizing deal stages on HubSpot can be intimidating, especially if you have a complex buyer’s journey.

We help you build a coherent deal pipeline on HubSpot that accurately reflects your actual sales pipeline. We also help you automate tasks when deals move further down the pipeline.

Click here to make sales hub onboarding faster and simpler.

HubSpot service hub onboarding

Here’s what service hub onboarding typically includes.

Ticketing pipelines

Setting up ticket pipelines and statuses on HubSpot is vital to understanding customer interactions over time.

We help you build and customize your ticket pipeline and create ticket statuses per your requirements, automating wherever possible.

Live chat

When instant answers from a bot aren’t enough to solve a visitor’s challenge, your human team must step in through a live chat.

On HubSpot, you can create an independent live chat widget for your website or connect it to a chatbot to offer seamless support. Our experts help you create a custom live chat that improves customer experience.

Knowledge base

Your team can’t focus on bigger customer service requests if they’re busy tending to small, simple FAQs.

To help customers find answers themselves, our experts work with you to create and customize a knowledge base of help articles. These articles make customer support faster and easier.

Customer portal

HubSpot’s customer portal feature lets you put your customer in control of communications with your company.

During the onboarding process, we help you set up your customer portal by:

  • Connecting your domain
  • Managing contact access
  • Selecting system pages
  • Configuring log-in and security settings
  • Setting up ticket filters and permissions
  • Adding a customer support form 

Feedback surveys

With HubSpot’s feedback surveys, getting customer feedback becomes faster and simpler.

We help you set up feedback surveys for your web pages, email, and chatbot. We also help you build custom recipient lists and set display criteria for targeted feedback campaigns.

Our experts also create workflows to automate follow-up actions to survey responses.

Ticketing workflows [Advanced onboarding]

We help you create ticketing workflows that automate processes like creating new tickets, setting ticket status, and executing ticket actions.

Custom reports [Advanced onboarding]

To help your customer support managers track and analyze the team’s performance, we build you custom service reports and dashboards.

These reports help you track key metrics like CSAT scores, average ticket response time, average time to close, etc.

Get your service hub up and running with help from our experts!

Wrapping up

Choosing the right HubSpot partner agency can make all the difference for your marketing, sales, and service teams.

While there are many agencies to choose from, it’s important for businesses to prioritize those with extensive experience and proven success with the HubSpot platform 

Gold tier and above partners (like us!) have demonstrated a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities and have a track record of helping businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals.

Need help with HubSpot onboarding? Speak with our experts!

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