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The Best of the Best: 10 year challenges, and how brands played the meme game

The Internet it seems has become the new “mother of all inventions” or better yet, mother of all things hashtag!

The plethora of viral trends and memes that flood our news feed on a daily basis is proof enough of social media’s deep-rooted influence on everyone — right from the nerdy girl sitting in the cubicle next to yours to the celebrity crush whose posters still adore your closet walls.

It’s strange to think that the word meme originates from a book called “The selfish gene” published back in 1976! There is a #feeloldyet joke in there somewhere, I’m sure of it. We’ll get to it later on.

However, the trend caught on in the recent past and has turned into an institution of its own!

By the way, did you know that memes are now a subject taught across universities globally, including big players like the reverend Cambridge university?

(Yeah, we know what you’re thinking — college major SORTED!)

But jokes, crazy selfies, and antics aside, one major aspect of these viral internet trends is the profit it brings in for brands who know how to ride them efficiently. Not only are these hashtags used by brands for marketing gimmicks, they often help to put some (almost) forgotten brands back on the map.

Take Nokia, for example. They utilized the very in vogue #10yearchallenge to remind the world of their glory days.

After all, who can ever forget the #legendary battery life of Nokia 1110?

And no matter what the PubG generation might say, The Snake game still remains the undefeated champion of mobile games across generations!

Yes, I get it, I am old. Sue me!

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But moving on here’s a list of some of the wittiest #10yearchallenege memes making the rounds in India (in no particular order) –



Fevicol has always been known to make the most fatuous and yet side-splitting ads centered around their age-old tagline — Fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahin

This meme truly does leave one laughing and hits the nail on its head!


*Nostalgic much?*

Leave it to Tinder to remind us of our high school “online dating” scenes. For the kids who grew up updating their Orkut and Oracle profiles (it’s okay, we are all equally guilty), this meme truly does invoke a sense of nostalgia for the simpler times (read days with shitty internet speed and a serious lack of CQ — Cool Quotient).

Parle G

*The timeless charm of childhood*

What they said!

Some things truly are timeless. The taste of Parle G biscuits remains just as fresh in our memories as the adorable TVC that accompanied its name.

Hindustan Times

*As old as time*

Talk about timeless things. HT has been around, it seems like since forever. Generation after generation, Indian parents have encouraged their kids to make this paper their trusted companion (for their IAS prep).


*The times are a changing.*

Remember back when your dad made a reservation for you at your favorite restaurant at least 24 hours before the big day?

Nowadays, it takes but a few swipes on your touchscreen to bring your favorite delicacy right to your doorstep!

Uber Eats

*Raise the ante!*

The folks at Uber Eats saw your #10yearchallenege and raised one #browneggwinstheinternet.

For the uninitiated, a picture of brown egg recently overtook Kylie Jenner’s picture to become the picture with most “likes” online! (a whopping 13.7 million likes)

After all, we all know what they say — ‘once you go brown…’


*..Because following the trend is too mainstream*

Talk about taking it to the next level! 10 years? Huh! How about a 10-minute challenge? Care to make a wager?



Well, the picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it?

The #10yearchallenge has not only been a source of active promotion but also opened the doors for trolls and brand banter alike!

Take, for example, this Acer photoshop meme. It was made public anonymously and yet, it has served its purpose brilliantly. It brings to light, in a light-hearted manner, the issue that continues to plague the Adobe photoshop over the years.

Not only companies but also celebrities and politicians have been at the receiving end of the wrath of trolls with this latest internet fad.

Titled as the “worst ten-year challenge” this meme has been going viral for all the politically incorrect reasons.

However, just like with every other trend right from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the ‘In my feelings’ challenge, the #10yearoldchallenge will also lose its place as the reigning internet rave.

Twitterati will move on, and so will the brands. What remains constant is the impact these espresso online trends are capable of making on the minds of their customers. The best way to cash in on the rising trend of memes is indeed a simple one — get creative with your creatives!

A dash of brilliant content writing, sprinkled with sarcasm, sass, and creative brilliance is all it takes to take your product marketing to the next level!

And of course, no Jack will ever be able to master all these trades. So, If you’re looking for a viral marketing campaign of your own, reach out to the best marketing communications agency around, and see what we can do for you!

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