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Email Marketing 101: A 3-step process to increasing reach!

Organizations employ email marketing not only to propel sales, but also to establish a solid customer database. Email marketing is used to request donations, solicit sales, to keep track of a customer’s transactions, to build a relation between an organization and its customers, and to increase brand awareness. Email marketing is extremely cost-effective and excels in return-on-investment as opposed to other marketing techniques.

In an Email-Statistics-Report published by the Radicati Group, it is estimated that by the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will increase to over 2.9 billion. That means over one-third of the worldwide population will be using email by year-end 2019. As of 2016, the average person receives 123 emails daily. And in 2015, the number of emails sent and received per day totalled over 205 billion. Since this industry is so vast, it would make sense for businesses to reap benefits out of it; and likely so, as roughly 56%  the billions of mails sent everyday are business mails. That’s massive.


People’s inboxes are swamped on a daily basis with advertisements, newsletters, pitches, and whatnot. You don’t wish for your mail to be just another one in the lot. You want them to click on your mail. In order to do that, you need to ensure that you do a few things without fail.


The creation of a proper subscribers list sets the tone for your email marketing campaign. Seeking permission is not just basic courtesy, it is also required by law. The permission should be taken explicitly. For example, a separate checkbox for “I would like to receive marketing email from XYZ company” is clear and explicit. Another thing that one should keep in mind is to mention the purpose of the emails before asking a client for a subscription.
“Weekly newsletters with the top and trending..”
“Prompt updates before sales!”
Such mentions will excite the client and will him/her into subscribing.


Whilst your email service providers will probably ensure that your emails reach the inboxes of your subscribers, there is a possibility that you might still get blacklisted. When people mark your emails as spam, their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is informed of it. If a large percentage of recipients mark your emails as spam, then the ISP might forbid you from sending emails. Unfortunately, some subscribers might mark your mails as spam in lieu of unsubscribing. So it is essential that you provide a proper and clear option for them to unsubscribe from your campaign.


Having an easy to recognize email address is essential to your campaign. If your subscribers are unable to recognize your email address, there’s a likelihood that they might unsubscribe, or worse, blacklist you. So, ensure that your email address specifies your organization’s name distinctly.

The establishment of a rewarding and efficient email marketing campaign needs effort and the knowledge of a few fundamentals. In the next article, we will discuss the remaining fundamentals to help your email marketing campaign.

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