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Inbound Marketing for Analytics SaaS

  • Scope

    Product Marketing, Inbound.

  • Client


The challenge

Building market share in the crowded Analytics SaaS space.

Lumenore is the product arm of Netlink, a technology services enterprise with a team of 1100+ experts.

Despite being an early player with cutting-edge AI analytics, Lumenore saw a serious challenge in expanding its market share.

Analytics SaaS is crowded with behemoths like Microsoft BI and Salesforce Tableau.

They all come with incredibly comprehensive data ecosystems.

How could a lean analytics SaaS tool compete in this red-ocean industry?

(tl:dr; It couldn't)

The Fix

Self-service BI.
No-code analytics.

Leaner is better.

In a red-ocean space like tech-SaaS, pricing kills more products than features.

We played to Lumenore’s strengths – by positioning it as a foot-in-door freemium tool that could help anyone and any team import their data.

Lumenore helps you quick-start your insight building – with self-service business intelligence and no-code analytics.

  • Focused on early-wins by picking industries and domains that could see results fast
  • Cross-sold to existing clients of parent company who were more likely to convert
  • Maintained website content for inbound, helped leadership team to build thought-leadership content
  • Ran email drip sequences and LinkedIn outreach for omnichannel targeting
  • Created webinars, videos, and sales enablement assets

The team

the scenes.


— Ankit Malhotra
Sr. Account Manager


— Mayank Gulati
Marketing Director

— Aayush Bhatt
HubSpot Specialist


— Ruchi Roy
Sr. Content Specialist

— Vikash Yadav
Design Lead (Video)