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Host-led video strategy for Tickertape

  • Scope

    Video & Content Marketing.

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The challenge

Building India’s largest collaborative YouTube channel focused on investments and personal finance.

Tickertape is a Smallcase portfolio company that aimed to crack the increasingly ‘red-ocean investor education’ industry.

Its goal was to become the leading portal for investment information and analysis for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and other investment avenues. Its approach- find investors through YouTube. 

Tickertape found itself in a space crowded by rising ‘influencers’, in a market skewed more towards creators than brands.

So, how does a personal finance and investment content company enhance engagement on YouTube to gain views, and subsequently subscribers?

Luckily for them, this is our playground.

The Fix

Bite-sized videos + Host led content -> Huuge engagement.

Leaner is better.

When it comes to content pertaining to the economy, investments, and personal finance, content accuracy, authenticity, and clarity are more important than guzzling content.

Tickertape went all out to A/B (/C/D) to test various formats of video content on different properties of YouTube. 

The strategy Tickertape adopted was to roll out an assortment of videos in a short span of time, and measure growth-

  • Long-form, short-form videos
  • Different types of scripts – IPO series, facts series, knowledge series 
  • Shorts, Videos 

This helped understand the type of videos and the type of content that the relevant TG consumed the most. We realigned the content strategy every step of the way and moved from ‘how and why’ to ‘what, where, and when’.

The Impact

17 Million views

29k+ new subscribers.

19.5k+ hours of watch time on Tickertape’s YouTube channel

The team

the scenes.


— Ankit Malhotra
Project & Account Manager


— Madhulika
Content Manager