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10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy on YouTube.

Are you looking for some inspiration? Do you want to follow some of the most creative beings on this planet?

If so, you must head straight to YouTube. After all, YouTube is one of the biggest platforms that support creativity. Today, this nifty tool has grown to become a crucial promotional tool for Digital Marketing. Every month YouTube gets more than one billion views, which means that if you are still not leveraging it for your brand promotion, you are missing out on an ocean of opportunities. Looking at this incredible potential, we are here to share some tips for youtube marketing with you.

In the past decade, YouTube has witnessed such phenomenal growth. While reputed brands use it to fortify their social media presence with witty ad campaigns and video content, it has now become the bread and butter of many individuals, who are popularly known as “Social Media Influencers.” These individuals and their work has shared multiple tips for youtube marketing with us. Going forward, we will share some incredible examples as well. Thanks to YouTube, both established brands and emerging social media personas get a chance to build loyal fan bases that can multiply exponentially. 

However, you cannot achieve a loyal fan base overnight – apart from a lot of hard work (non-negotiable!), you must know the ten secrets to build the perfect creative strategy for YouTube. Let’s now discuss some actionable tips for youtube marketing:

What are the Ten Fundamentals of Designing the Ideal Creative Strategy for YouTube?

The secret to being successful on YouTube is to building a loyal fan base that can help pull you up the success ladder. But then, what is the secret behind creating a strong fan base on YouTube? We’ll reveal all of this in our tips for youtube marketing with you.

After carefully following and analyzing the techniques adopted by some of the most popular YouTubers and Content Creators on YouTube, we’ve outlined the top ten fundamentals of designing the perfect creative strategy for YouTube:

  • Shareability
  • Interactivity
  • Conversation
  • Consistency
  • Targeting
  • Sustainability
  • Discoverability
  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration
  • Inspiration

Now, let’s break each of these ten pieces to get a more comprehensive view of what goes into making these “fundamental” for your YouTube creative strategy!

  1. Shareability – Tips for YouTube Marketing

The connotation of the word “sharable” in the context of a digital platform as YouTube is “viral.” It means that your content has something about it that will make your followers want to share and spread it within their circle. Making your content shareable is the one of the best tips for youtube marketing. As more people find “utility” in your content, they will do their part to make it viral in the blink of an eye. Yes, that’s the power of social media!

Usually, people share videos because it speaks for them. For instance, if you share a funny video, you appear to be funny to the ones you forward it to. Now, the question is, what will your videos say about people when they share them?

Tips for YouTube Marketing – Boost Shareability.

  • Be relatable and relevant – Try to identify the topics that your target audience resonates most with and create relevant content based on them. This way, you can create content that is both relevant and relatable to your niche audience.
  • Be topical – When something is making headlines in the news and social media world, see if you can create a story around it. It is a great way to join the “trending” conversation.
  • Be helpful – This is something that most people forget as they are running after the various tips for YouTube marketing. Your audience looks up to you. So, it is befitting that you create content (tutorials, demonstrations, reviews, etc.) that can help them in their daily walks of life.
  1. Interactivity 

People love it when they can influence or affect what goes on in the channels of their favorite TV personas or YouTube Creators. Being interactive is not something that you can pick up by just looking at the tips for YouTube marketing. Building a tribe is more important than anything else. For instance, Jimmy Kimmel encourages parents to play the trick “I ate all your candy” on their kids every Halloween and record the event. Of all the videos that are sent to him, he features the funniest ones on his talk show and YoutUBE channel. How great is that?

As a YouTube Creator, you are in a position to invite your audience to participate with you. This is one of the most important tips for youtube marketing that you must follow from the very beginning. Such small gestures of interactivity are nothing but attempts to make your audience feel like they’re a part of your YouTube family. It gives them a feeling of belonging. Now, this is something you got to do very religiously. Following the good bits about successful youtubers can be one of the best tips for youtube marketing that you can get. 

Tips for Youtube Marketing: Boost Interactivity.

  • Ask direct questions or opinions – You can ask questions to your audience directly or ask their opinions about specific topics/trending news. Also, make sure to respond to them (in comments or better yet, your next video) when they send it their answers or opinions.
  • Ask for content ideas – You can also ask your followers what kind of content they’d like to see and what would they love to see in your next video. Make sure to mention the follower’s name, whose idea you’ve chosen. 

Include viewer video submissions – Another great way to interact with your fan base is to feature their video submissions/clips on your channel. But of course, with their permission!

  1. Conversation

Conversation is key to making your audience feel at ease. When you address your followers directly, it makes them feel like they are listening to someone they’re very familiar with. When you “talk” to your audience in such a way that establishes a dialogue between you and your followers, they are sure to return to your channel again, and again. Having a perfect conversation is probably the most important of the tips for youtube marketing.

Vsauce is a YouTube channel that has gained over seven million subscribers, mainly because apart from its super-relevant content, it’s creator Micheal Stevens always speaks directly to his viewers. There, another awesome one of the tips for youtube marketing that you must follow.

Tips for Youtube Marketing: Promote Conversation.

  • Be genuine – Talking to your audience should be natural and authentic. It should not appear to be forced. Be yourself and talk about the topics your audience wants to hear while also making them a part of the equation. Being genuine should not even be one of the tips for youtube marketing. In today’s age of social media, being genuine is of utmost importance. 
  • Talk to your followers either in your main videos or create exclusive talk segments – You can address your audience directly in your main video content that you upload regularly, or you can create a separate section for responding to their queries, requests, etc.
  1. Consistency

Tips for YouTube Marketing

Consistency is the secret sauce to maintaining the relevance of your YouTube channel and keep your audience wanting to come back to you. However, consistency can be interpreted in many different ways. For instance, it can be the consistency in the type of content you create, or in your uploading schedule, etc. The aim is to maintain a consistent pattern in at least one aspect of your channel. This way, your audience can know what they can expect and when they can expect new video content from you. To make the most out of youtube, you must follow these tips for youtube marketing. And must do it consistently.

Tips for maintaining consistency:

  • Maintain a clear theme and show format – Take up themes/ideas/topics that can be implemented into extensive videos or vlogs. Try to maintain a specific theme for a particular topic and spread it out in multiple episodes. Do not go for too radical topics that don’t go with the theme and tone you’ve set for your channel.
  • Be regular in uploading – This is very important since it helps your audience know when they’ll be seeing a new upload from you. Stick to a particular day and time to upload your videos and make sure to let your audience know it. 
  1. Targeting 

The reason behind targeting is simple – you create videos for your audience, but how will you know what kind of videos will take off with what type of audience? This is where targeting comes into play. You may leverage targeting for your customers with a coherent strategy. This is one of the most important tips for youtube marketing these days. Be sure to follow the best tips for youtube marketing.

The first step is to identify the different audience groups and then create videos to cater to the needs/requirements of those individual groups. You may divide your audience according to factors like age, interests, etc. When you start posting targeted videos, you’ll see a substantial boost in your views, and eventually, your follower circle.

Tips for targeting:

  • Opt for channel/show level targeting – One of the best ways of targeting your audience is to create videos according to the show or channel level. For instance, SkyDoesMinecraft designs videos to target their niche audience – the players of the game, Minecraft. These softwares can help you leverage the best tips for youtube marketing. 
  • Target the audience that is confined – You need to identify the audience that lacks options when it comes to mediums and target them. Since they have a limited number of options, they’ll value your channel if you tailor-make videos addressing their demands and wishes.
  1. Sustainability

We’re all aware that merely creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos isn’t enough for the long haul. You need to make your ideas and projects sustainable. While maintaining a YouTube channel for businesses and your band of followers is a challenging job, what with the busy lives we all lead, it is not impossible to strike a balance between the two. The key is to understand and analyze your capabilities – how much time can you devote every week; do you have the right budget for creating videos for YouTube; can you sustain a particular idea for a certain time period, and so on.

Tips for sustainability:

  • Go light – Try to make your productions less labor-intensive. Experiment with ideas and concepts that won’t require too much time and effort to be materialized. The less time and effort it takes on your part (for the production), the longer you can maintain specific concepts and build your show around them. Use these amazing tips for youtube marketing by following sustainability.
  • Be efficient – Try to shoot multiple videos in a day. For instance, if you are creating episodes on a particular topic, you can shoot at least two videos in a day to maintain your flow and energy in the show. This makes for efficient use of your time.
  • Plan the next step – It is essential to plan your next step, that is, what will do deliver next after the current series is over. Brainstorm and come up with a few ideas that your audience will like, and that can be implemented into a video series. 
  1. Discoverability

YouTube is one of the most-used and most accessible search platforms out there. If you can create high-quality, informative, engaging, and useful videos and title them appropriately, it increases your chances of being discovered on the platform. People all across the world visit YouTube to find video content on a broad range of topics – from helpful tutorials to entertainment, YouTube for business is the one-stop-shop for everything. 

To increase your discoverability factor on YouTube, you can create videos on trending topics, or you can also go for evergreen topics that never go out of style. By doing so, your videos will show up whenever people search for trending/evergreen topics on YouTube.

Tips to be discoverable:

  • Trending topics are a hit – As we said, trending topics are a major audience magnet. So, make it a point to find trending topics that you incorporate into the theme of your channel and build on them. Google Trends and Twitter Trends are two excellent resources for discovering what’s trending on the Internet.
  • Evergreen content is always relevant – Evergreen content is something that will always be relevant and useful for your audience. For instance, videos on “how to tie a tie/bowtie” or “how to bake a cake” and other such topics that relate to everyday life make great content for videos.
  • Optimize – After you’re done creating videos, make sure they are optimized for increased visibility. Optimization essentially means using the right titles, tags, and descriptions using trending keywords.
  1. Accessibility

Another crucial rule of creating video content for YouTube is to create videos that can cast a wide net. In other words, it helps to create “standalone” videos that require no prior context, and hence, your audience can watch it as and when they want (or stumble upon it). 

When you create videos on singular topics/concepts, there remains a higher probability of gaining new viewers and subscribers. For instance, if you create ten videos on ten unrelated topics, you have ten chances of winning new viewers. While it is not mandatory to make only standalone videos, it certainly helps to keep a few in the mix. 

Tips for being accessible:

  • There’s no need to tie all your episodes together – For a show to be accessible to the mass audience, you must incorporate variety. You don’t need to link all your episodes together (that’s okay for a series). Make videos that don’t need to rely on backstories. 
  • Include an intro sequence – Just to make sure your audience remains updated with what you’ve been posting, you can include an intro sequence in your videos that recaps all that your audience may have missed. This will provide context to the video they’re about to watch. 
  • A strong call-to-action always works – You can include a good CTA in your videos in forms of links or annotations that point back to a specific episode that might be related to the video they’re watching.
  1. Collaboration

Tips for YouTube Marketing

Collaboration is the real-deal in the social media world. It is one of the fastest ways to grow your YouTube subscribers. When you collab with a guest star, or an artist, or a fellow YouTuber, you create an opportunity to expand your viewer circle – you will be viewed by people who follow the person you’ve collaborated with. It is, in fact, a mutual growth – while you promote the other person in your circle, the other person does the same for you. 

It is a fantastic way of expanding your follower circle.

Tips on collaboration:

  • Create a space for guests in your show – Make episodes or series where it seems practical and logical to have guests on your show. For instance, if you are talking about startups, you could invite a startup owner to feature on your show and talk about your mutual ventures. This way, both of you get space to grow. 
  • Collaborate with people who have similar passions as you – Reach out to people who are in sync with you and have similar passions as you. That is how you can talk about various things while keeping an authentic tone at all times.
  • Give ample space to your guest – Make sure you allow your guest’s personality to shine in your show. Don’t hog the limelight. Always feature them in a positive light and try to make the collaboration as natural and conversational as possible. 
  1. Inspiration

When you are in a position to inspire people, make sure your personal inspirations show as well. Find your innate passions and try to build your channel around them. Only when you do this, your ideas will come to you naturally. The content you create will never look forced or fake – it will come from an authentic place. 

You should make videos around topics or concepts that you are passionate about, and that makes you happy. Also, if you represent the brand, be true to the brand values and goals. Make sure that your videos uphold the brand’s image in the best way possible.

Tips for inspiration:

  • Find out what makes you happy – Try to identify the types of shows, content, news, blogs, and things that make you happy and create your videos on the same lines.
  • Experiment and see what works best – Try out different concepts, themes, topics, and series for your channel and see with what your audience resonates the most.
  • Don’t make videos just for the sake of it – Creating something demands passion, and YouTube videos aren’t any different. If you continue to make videos just for the sake of it, your disinterest will soon show in your videos, thereby causing you to lose subscribers and viewers.

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So, yeah, that’s it!

These ten pointers can transform your YouTube journey as a creator, provided you follow them diligently. While you don’t need to include every single one of these fundamentals into your YouTube creative strategy, it will be great if you can figure out what combination of these works the best for you.

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