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Don't build links, build trust.

Work with an Inbound Marketing Agency

Your prospective clients are mature – they want to be educated, not pitched. They want to learn before they buy.

Inbound Marketing Agency is one that solves problems, not just sell services.

With ContentNinja, a top inbound marketing agency, attract your customers with a strategy that won’t become outdated with the next SEO update.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Attract Tools

Ads | Video | Blogging | Social Media | Content strategy

Engage Tools

Lead flows | Email marketing | Lead management | Conversational bots | Marketing automation – Inbound Marketing Tools

Delight Tools

Smart content | Email marketing | Conversations inbox | Attribution reporting | Marketing automation

Traditional marketing interrupts your audience with content they don't always want.

According to Hubspot, Inbound Marketing flips this: by serving content that solves problems they already have. Inbound interest and brand awareness, and pulls qualified leads into your pipeline for your sales team to reach out to – at the right time.

What can Inbound Marketing do for your business?

Gain the attention of qualified prospects and leads

Improve web traffic, lead generation, and brand recognition

Provide relevant content at every stage of the customer journey

Build relationships with your prospects – Inbound Marketing done right!

Inbound Marketing with CN

Step 1: Absorb

Step 1: Absorb

  • Understanding your business and your industry
  • Benchmarking competitors and defining unique value propositions
  • Competitor benchmarking and defining unique value propositions
Step 2: Create

Step 2: Create

  • Mapping content buckets to buyer journey
  • Finalizing content channels and content calendar
  • Writing, editing, designing, and developing the right assets
Step 3: Iterate

Step 3: Iterate

  • Tracking KPIs achieved and comparing them to projected ones
  • Reiterating strategy and assets based on new learnings
  • Rinse and repeat! Continuous optimization of strategy and tactics

Inbound-focused. Outcome-driven.

Why we’re a great fit for you

Artisanal and agile

We combine the expertise and knowledge of a large, experienced inbound marketing agency with the hustle and energy of a young, scrappy startup. While others slowly grind and chug, we quickly pivot on nimble feet.

Agile ContentNinja

No cookie-cutter packages

Every client is unique and so are their problems, budgets, and priorities. We stay away from the standardized cookie-cutter packages, dive deep into your goals and challenges, and come up with a plan best suited to your needs.

We play to our strengths

Because of our team’s background in technology and finance, we work almost exclusively in content-driven SaaS, BFSI, and IT. This has allowed us to build deep, verticalized expertise while performing for some of the largest brands in the world.

Play to strengths contentninja

ContentNinja: Top Inbound marketing agency

Inbound Marketing with HubSpot Platinum

Partnering with Hubspot has allowed us to transform our inbound marketing with creative campaigns with measurable, tangible results. While any partner can do straightforward training or onboarding, we’re the right partner if you want to truly unlock the power of us as an Inbound Marketing Agency with Hubspot’s workflows, automation, reporting, and integrations.

Compliments received:

Respond Inc, Virginia, United States
We engaged ContentNinja over two years ago to help us create high-quality thought-leadership content in the financial advisory space. Since then, they have consistently met deadlines to create authentic, well-researched, SEO-optimized content for the North American market. This content has helped us improve our organic traffic and influence search engine rankings. We would recommend them highly to any business looking for great content for a global audience.
Lolita Mitter

CMO, Respond Inc.

HubSpot: Partner Program | APAC
Through their research-driven approach, ContentNinja focuses on solving complex inbound and digital marketing challenges for niche and B2B clients. As a HubSpot Partner, they have worked with some key accounts worldwide and delivered customised solutions based on the Flywheel model. If you have a complex inbound marketing challenge and are looking for a Partner to offer a 'best fit solution', I highly recommend reaching out to the subject matter experts at ContentNinja.
Chhavi Porwal

Partner Program - Consultant, HubSpot

Client: Finance / Insurance | India
I have been associated with ContentNinja since about a year now for corporate blogs, infographics, and social content - and they have been great at the job! They are a bunch of dedicated and task-oriented guys who give due importance to their accounts. They always adjust the varied requirements we have and are patient & flexible with their work and services. Look out for Mayank and Pratyush, the bright ones behind this company!
Akanksha Oza

Digital Product Management, Aviva India

Successful track record? Check.

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Properly executed inbound marketing is 10x more effective for lead conversion than outbound.